Iggrot Ha'Ari

Current Issue

Vol. 3 (2023)
Published May 1, 2023

Iggrot Ha’Ari is an open-access, undergraduate research-based journal that publishes interdisciplinary articles related to Jewish scholarship and religious thought. Iggrot Ha’Ari translates to “The Lion’s Letters”— “lion” reflects Columbia University’s mascot, Roar-ree, while “letters” refers to the rabbinic tradition of Responsa. Together under advisory from the Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies, Iggrot Ha’Ari aims to promote Jewish knowledge and to provide students with the ability to academically master topics relevant to their own religious identity.

Iggrot Ha’Ari hopes to provide readers with opportunities to create networks of scholars among authors and editors and foster relationships founded on Jewish scholarship. 

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