Black Theology Post-Cone: Interrogating Value, Mis-Religion, and the Theological Legacies of Settler Colonialism

Sanders, Ben, Eden Theological Seminary, Presiding

Armstrong, Amaryah Shaye, Virginia Tech
A Measure of Existence: The Value of A Black Theology of Liberation
Key, Andre, Claflin University
"Mis-religion of the Negro and Oppression" William R. Jones, Theodicy, and Black Theology
Smith, Andrea, University of California, Riverside
James Cone: Settler Colonialism and Anti-Blackness in Indigenous Theologies
Undying Love: Black Theology and Anti-Colonial Movements
Watkins, Michele, University of San Diego, Presiding
Bartholomew, Joshua, Harvard University
Black Theology and The Black Panthers: A Methodologically Womanist Consideration of Praxis
Floyd-Thomas, Juan, Vanderbilt University
Black Liberation Theology and the “Black Manifesto”: Reflections on Race, Racial Injustice, and Religion a Half-Century Later
Peterson, R. Nick, Emory University
Towards a Theological Liberation of Care in Lena Waithe's film "Queen and Slim"