Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to share about the current status of the Columbia Undergraduate Research Journal (CURJ) and its plans for this semester.

CURJ is excited to revitalize itself with the support of the Columbia University Libraries. We are working to develop a clear focus around publishing multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research by undergraduates at Columbia and other institutions. We hope to bring together diverse voices in a variety of disciplines through an academically rigorous online space.

Further, CURJ will also develop platforms for students to discuss their own research, and promote undergraduate research on campus more broadly. We hope to serve as a leader in fostering the work of undergraduate scholars at Columbia through administering workshops on the research process, hosting academic talks, and collaborating with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships. We believe it is important to emphasize undergraduate growth in various elements of the research process, since we hope to empower students who wish to pursue research at the undergraduate level and beyond with resources that will help their development.

CURJ is also working with the library to create a culture that carries on the mission of the journal through effective self-sustaining procedures.

We are holding our first workshop on Friday, February 28th, in which we will discuss the above ideas and solidify our focus for this spring. At this workshop, students will gain project management skills as they are trained to use digital publishing technologies. Students will emerge with a critical perspective on the academic publishing landscape, from approaches to peer review, access and accessibility, and the ethics of openness and privacy. 

We look forward to the spring semester and the future of CURJ! 


Helen Ruger