All submissions for this edition are due March 10, 2023. Please submit to Columbia Scientist here - you will need to login or register to make a submission.


Submission types include:

  1. Letter
    1. Written letter commenting on, or responding (support or critique) a recently published science article
    2. Up to 100-1000 words.
  2. Question and Answer
    1. Response to the question prompt in the previous Columbia Scientist publication.
    2. Responses should be short (at most 200 words) and directly answer the question.
    3. You may also submit questions to be published and answered in a future publication.
  3. Opinion Editorial
    1. A timely piece devoted to a specific topic with a strong perspective
    2. Written to a general audience, avoiding scientific jargon and assuming no prior specialized knowledge
    3. 500-1500 words
  4. Briefing
    1. 1-2 pages (two pages will be consecutive, not front and back) with images and text
    2. Visually pleasing, and engaging in its attempt to convey information
    3. Takes a complex science topic, or advanced principle, and communicates it in a way that it could be understood by those with a high school level understanding of science
  5. Mini Lecture
    1. A short (5-15 minute) interactive video that explains a topic to the audience, explains novel research, communicates new theories, or introduces application exercises.
  6. Science Art Showcase
    1. Include a title and a 100-word description of the entry
    2. Photograph, graphic design, comic, illustration, infographic, architecture, painting, sketch, sculpture, music, theater, film, fashion in any style
    3. PDF, JPG, MP3, .docx, .doc, YouTube Link
  7. Podcast
    1. 5-30-minute-high quality audio clip discussing novel science-based content
    2. Name, title, 100-word description, and cover artwork/image required