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Palantir Provides COVID-10 Software to CDC and NHS, Pitches European Health Agencies

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Palantir has teamed up with the CDC to model the potential spread of the virus by visualizing trends and tracking affected individuals. While interest in surveillance technologies like Palantir continues to grow to meet the rapidly expanding nature of the crisis, privacy advocates caution for increased scrutiny of governments and private companies to ensure peoples’ digital rights are respected. 

Zoom Video Lurches from Boom to Backlash Amid Privacy Issues, ‘Zoom Bombing’ Attacks

Zoom has recently faced major backlash from regulators, politicians, and individuals for growing privacy concerns. Most notably, a lawsuit filed Monday in California claims Zoom gave its users’ personal data to Facebook without fully informing its users. The FBI has also warned consumers about “Zoom-Bombing” by hackers who have recently targeted the video-conferencing service.

Start-Ups Are Pummeled in the ‘Great Unwinding’

In order to survive the coronavirus pandemic, dozens of startups have laid off thousands of employees, slashed costs, and changed their business structurers. Plans for IPOs have been put on hold and funding is drying up.

Past iCloud Subscribers Can't Pursue Injunctive Relief in Class Action, Koh Rules

A federal judge partially granted Apple’s motion to dismiss a class action of iCloud users that alleges Apple fraudulently outsourced the storage of their data to Microsoft and Google. The judge ruled that class members who did not pay Apple for storage do not currently have standing for injunctive relief.

Telemedicine, Once a Hard Sell, Can’t Keep Up With Demand

While the coronavirus pandemic has proven fatal to many industries, the telemedicine industry is thriving. Before the outbreak, telemedicine struggled because of government regulation and a lack of interest from patients and big companies. Now, telemedicine companies are adding doctors and bandwidth as more people race for their healthcare services.