NFTs Are Hastening Law Firm Race for Blockchain Group Expertise

NFT expertise is becoming more in demand as clients explore intellectual property and securities questions related to the novel technology. Integrating NFT practitioners within a firms existing blockchain group is a challenge, and successful blockchain groups must employ multipractice collaboration to leverage their expertise to best advise their clients.

How the EU’s Flawed Artificial Intelligence Regulation Endangers the Social Safety Net

The European Commission released its proposal to regulate artificial intelligence (“AI”), describing it as an attempt to ensure a “well-functioning internal market for artificial intelligence systems” that is based on “EU values and fundamental rights.” The proposed Artificial Intelligence Act comes amid growing concern, in Europe and beyond, about how AI and other forms of algorithmic decision-making are increasingly woven into the social safety net, affecting social and economic rights. This Article highlights how algorithmic decision-making is transforming the administration of welfare benefits and other social protection measures in Europe, and the human rights concerns created by this transition to algorithmic governance. It also examines how the proposed regulation fails to address these concerns, and what the European Parliament should do to fix these shortcomings. 

How Legal Tech Is Being Reimagined

Technology that was meant to challenge the traditional legal service model is perceived as merely being a support to that model. In contrast, this article argues that legal technologies should be about making the average business feel at ease when dealing with legal matters. Contrary to the traditional risk-mitigating legal counsel, forward-thinking businesses are beginning to revolutionize the legal function by tying it closer to commercial teams and applying a more holistic, business-oriented focus.

New blockchain law journal publishes the first issue of its first volume

The Global Blockchain Business Council released the first issue of the first volume of the International Journal of Blockchain Law. The journal published by practitioners for practitioners chronicles and analyzes new developments and legal strategies to help innovative companies navigate the space. The first edition focuses on developing role of the Securities and Exchange Commission in crypto markets. The opening article was authored by Commissioner Crenshaw of the SEC, which is a consideration of DeFi’s role in the crypto and regulatory ecosystem.

ANALYSIS: Three Ways State Bars Could Test Legal Tech Knowledge

It’s clear that the need for technology know-how in the legal industry is growing. According to Bloomberg Law’s 2020 Legal Technology Survey, almost 75% of in-house respondents stated that their legal departments expect outside counsel to increase their use of legal technology in order to be more efficient. This Article explore three ways state bars can address this challenge through testing.