Crypto Exchange Binance to Take $200m Stake in Forbes

BBC reports on Binance, a cryptocurrency firm, as it looks to team up with Forbes. Both companies are seeking competitive advantages in the fintech market and are intent on “buid[ing] wide spread consumer understanding and education of the crypto market and emerging blockchain technologies” (internal quotation omitted). The pending alignment comes after Binance sued Forbes for defamation in 2020 and raises concerns about Forbes’ editorial independence.

Apple Moves to Stop AirTag Tracking Misuse

BBC reports on Apple’s AirTags, which are a high tech tracking device marketed to keep track of frequently lost items. However, the AirTag’s small size and geographic accuracy make it rife for abuse. Apple is taking steps to notify persons if another person’s AirTags is traveling with them. Steps include phone notifications, and loud tones played from the unwanted AirTag to help locate it.

French Watchdog Says Google Analytics Poses Data Privacy Risk

CNN reports on France’s national data protection authority as it voices its concern about French users’ data privacy. The agency cites concerns about U.S. intelligence surveillance facilitated by Google’s Analytics. Data privacy rights differ for users in the EU and the U.S. There are particular EU data privacy rights surrounding data transfer between the EU and the U.S. that the French agency asserts are insufficiently protected by Google.

After Face-Recognition Backlash, Says Government Agencies Will Get More Verification Options

CNN reports on the IRS’ recently halted plan for facial recognition software use on its website., the facial recognition software provider, stated that it will provide users the capacity to circumvent its facial recognition software while verifying users’ identity. Data privacy groups have continued to push back against the technology’s use as data privacy concerns are raised.

Insulin – The New Battleground for Drug Pricing

Nature reports on the inequity of insulin prices in the United States and abroad. Three major players, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordsk, and Sanofi hold the lion’s share of the insulin market in the U.S., in part because of patents. These three companies continue to raise prices for the necessary medication while prices remain lower outside of the U.S.