The Thousand-Household Commander's Winding Road The Auto-Narrative of Shawo Tsering

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Hannibal Taubes
Benno Weiner


The Thousand-Household Commander's Winding Road: The Auto-Narrative of Shawo Tsering translated from the Chinese by Hannibal Taubes, with an introduction by Benno Weiner. This text was originally narrated orally by Wang Shawo Tsering, Tu Commander of Nyentok Village in Tongren. Recorded and prepared by Zhao Qingyang 赵清阳 and edited and expanded by Zhao Shunlu 赵顺禄. Originally published in 2010 by the Historical and Cultural Documents Committee of the Huangnan Prefecture Political Consultative Conference 黄南州政协文史资料委员会, via Hengxiang Printing Company LTD 恒祥印制有限责任公司, Xining 西宁, PRC.

Author Biographies

Hannibal Taubes, University of California, Berkeley

Hannibal Taubes is a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley. He works on local histories on the Sino-Mongol and Sino-Tibetan frontiers.

Benno Weiner, Carnegie Mellon University

Benno Weiner is Associate Professor of History at Carnegie Mellon University. He is the author of The Chinese Revolution on the Tibetan Frontier (Cornell UP, 2020) and co-editor of Conflicting Memories: Tibetan History under Mao Retold (Brill, 2020).

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