An Amcho's Recitation

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Tenzin Dickie
Pema Bhum


An extract from Pema Bhum's memoir Doring: Remembering Dorje Tsering (Dran tho rdo ring ma), about coming of age in Tibet during the  Cultural Revolution and in particular his relationship with his teacher, Dorje Tsering, who is widely considered to be a key figure in the preservation of Tibetan language. 



Author Biographies

Tenzin Dickie, BDRC

Tenzin Dickie is a poet, writer and translator. She is the editor of Old Demons, New Deities: 21 Short Stories from Tibet. She has received an American Literary Translators Association fellowship and a Fulbright fellowship for her work. 

Pema Bhum, Latse Library

Pema Bhum is Director of the Latse Contemporary Tibetan Cultural Library in New York City and a lecturer at Columbia University. 

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