Strengthening the Treasury Market

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Heath P. Tarbert


For more than 200 years, the market for U.S. Treasury securities has propelled U.S. economic success. More recently, it has been described as the world’s most important financial market because Treasury securities promote liquidity, price discovery, and economic stability across the globe. Despite its vital role at home and abroad, the Treasury market lacks certain structural protections that are common in other advanced financial markets. Bringing the Treasury market into the modern age is necessary because it is not immune to the risks that confront other financial markets. This was underscored in early 2020, when the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic roiled the Treasury market, producing significant trading disruptions and liquidity constraints. 

To help reduce the risk of future Treasury market instability, this Article recommends modest enhancements that have proven successful in similar markets. Robust public reporting of Treasury securities trades, improved oversight of trading venues, safeguards that promote operational resiliency, and expanded central clearing will promote Treasury market strength and resiliency well into the future. 

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Symposium on the Future of Securities Regulation: Part II
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