Columbia Journal of Gender and Law News


September 18, 2020

Celebrating the Life of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 1933–2020

The Columbia Journal of Gender and Law joins our community in mourning the incalculable loss of visionary trailblazer Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’59. Justice Ginsburg spent her life fighting for equality and justice and built our modern legal framework for challenging gender discrimination in the United States. As we reflect on her remarkable leadership, we vow to continue the work she began.

As a member of our Board of Advisors and an unwavering inspiration to every student who has served on our staff, Justice Ginsburg has been a guiding light for the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law since its inception thirty years ago. In her introduction to our first issue, Justice Ginsburg described our mission to “portray today’s feminist movement, not as unitary, rigid or doctrinaire, but as a spacious home, with rooms enough to accommodate all who have the imagination and determination to work for the full realization of human potential.”

Thank you for making us a spacious home, Justice Ginsburg—at Columbia Law School, in the courtroom, on the bench, and in the law. In this year of sadness and challenge for so many, we find hope in the lessons you taught us—to stand firmly and fearlessly against inequality and discrimination wherever we see it.