Centering Parent Leadership in the Movement to Abolish Family Policing

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Rise is an advocacy organization in New York City dedicated to building the power of parents affected by the family policing system. Rise envisions communities free from injustice, family policing, and separation. Its mission is to support parents' leadership to dismantle the current family policing system by eliminating cycles of harm, surveillance, and punishment. Rise aims to create communities that invest in families and offer collective care, healing, and support. 

This Article shares the work Rise has performed to build an organizational culture that empowers parents and a political vision centered around parents' expertise. 

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Rise Staff, Rise

This Article was written by the entire Rise staff: Teresa Bachiller, Jeanette Vega Brown, Ashanti Bryant, Keyna Franklin, Teresa Marrero, Genevieve Saavedra Dalton Parker, Tracy Serdjenian, Bianca Shaw, Halimah Washington, Robbyne Wiley, and Imani Worthy. It was edited by Nora McCarthy. 

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