Inside the Nucleon: Tomographic Interpretations and Universality of GPDs with DDVCS


The goal of Double Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DDVCS) experiments is to better understand the internal structure of the nucleon. Previous attempts to resolve the internal structure of nucleons have resulted in electromagnetic form factors and parton distribution functions for elastic scattering and deep inelastic scattering processes, respectively. Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs) are the latest attempt to unify these models of nucleon structure. The GPDs of DDVCS give us ability to investigate off of the diagonal where x ̸= ±ξ. The main goal of our analysis is to determine the best experimental setup in order to deduce the kinematic variables on which GPDs depend from the lab observables. The effectiveness of our data collection in the laboratory is by determined the physical kinematics, Q2, Q′2,t, xi,ϕLM, ϕCMV , and θCMV . We can then run DDVCS experiments and collect data on observables to improve upon the current models for GPDs of the nucleon.
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