Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal

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Vol. 17 No. 1 (2023)
Published January 9, 2024
Special Edition: Highlights of 2023

The Columbia Undergraduate Science Journal (CUSJ) was founded in 2006 by students who were passionate about showcasing undergraduate excellence in scientific research. Since then, CUSJ has remained Columbia’s premier publication for original scientific research and scholarly reviews, and is managed by an editorial board of undergraduates with a vast scope of interests across all disciplines. The editorial board also manages the Columbia Junior Science Journal (CJSJ), a publication designed to introduce high school students to research, and Columbia Scientist, a publication aimed at increasing scientific engagement and thought at all academic levels. In addition to our publications, the CUSJ team is dedicated to fostering the scientific community, both within Columbia and in the surrounding Morningside Heights and Harlem communities. To this end, the board frequently plans outreach and networking events relevant to young and early career scientists, including an annual Research Symposium poster session each spring.

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