GEM Cell Line Establishment, Characterization, and Analysis


The use of in-vitro cell lines in conjunction with in-vivo mouse models is a common practice in the study of cancer. Culturing cells with the same genotypes as the specific strains of mice being used in studies can be very important and useful in supplementing the research and findings in-vivo. The purpose of this particular study was to develop, characterize, and analyze different cell lines in order to utilize them in conjunction with mice in the lab. We have successfully established two cell lines from two different mouse models. We determined that the two different genetic strains of mice generate two different types of cells when grown in culture that accurately reflect the source strains. The purpose of this project was to adapt a protocol meant for establishing human breast tumors to mouse prostate models, and then to test if the correct cells had been isolated for future use. Western blotting and other testing verified the correct cell type, therefore this project succeeding in developing a method for establishing more cell lines in the future.