Spring Issue 2024

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Spring Issue 2024


SJSHR Spring 2024 | Volume I

Table of Contents

Section I - Socio-Economic Rights 

Care to work? Policy Considerations for Engaging Jordanian Women in the Workforce by Elizabeth Hudler 

Dilemma between Economic Incentives and the Public Provision of Welfare:SER Trade-offs in China’s economic development and its healthcare reforms, 1979~2022 by Yutong Zheng 

Providing Health Care but Receiving None in Return:An Expanded Right to Health Analysis of the Live-In Caregiver Program of Canada (1992-2014) by Claire Ellis  

Revising the ICESCR’s individual complaint mechanism: the transformative potential of a  right to a “dignified minimum existence” for the CESCR’s standards of review by Clémence Françoise Roy

Section II - Indigenous Peoples Rights 

Lack of rights: Indigenous Peoples in French Guiana by Elliot Mur

The Intersectionality of Conflicts in Micronesia and Hawaii: Through My Eyes by Ed Yeichy