Ṭaha Ḥusayn ʿAwaḍ Hudayl, Tamarrudāt al-qabīla fī ʿaṣr al-dawla al-Rasūlīya wa-atharhā fī al-ḥayāt al-ʿāmma fī al-Yaman

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Daniel Martin Varisco


This important volume is based on a doctoral dissertation submitted in 2004 to the Department of History at Aden University. It follows a number of valuable sources on the Rasulid era in Yemen that have been published in Yemen and are rarely accessible outside Yemen. The author has consulted 182 Arabic sources (manuscripts and printed material), including the major chronicles, but is unaware of important sources in Western languages by R. B. Serjeant, G. Rex Smith, Eric Vallet and other scholars who have written on the Rasulids.

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