Why UW?

Five Reasons to Publish with Al-ʿUṣūr al-Wusṭā

  1. Open Access. Your research will never be behind a paywall. Readers across the world can access, download, and share your article for free. UW is listed on the Directory of Open Access Journals and hosted on the Columbia University Libraries journal platform. Open access publishing is ethical and accessible, and many funding organizations are now requiring it.
  2. Peer Review. Your article will receive thorough reports from specialists in the field in a double-blind review. This has been established as a best practice for equity and rigor in academic publishing.
  3. Turnaround time. Your article will be published as soon as it is through review and revisions. The publish-when-ready model means less wait time and more publicity.
  4. Visibility. Your article will be visible in search engines like WorldCat and Google Scholar, but also shared on the social media accounts of UW and Middle East Medievalists. The publish-when-ready model drives traffic to the journal website throughout the year.
  5. Professional team. Your article will benefit from editors who engage closely with and care about your work, as well as professional copy-editing to help your contributions shine.