A Scoping Review on Energy Drink Consumption Among Adolescents and Young Adults

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Gabriel Thalheimer
Santiago Vásquez Hidalgo
Rosa Maria De Almeida


This scoping review aimed to identify empirical studies that have explored the use of energy drink consumption among adolescents and young adults. Method: A scoping review search was conducted in the following five databases: PubMed, Embase, Lilacs, Scopus, and Psycnet. Some inclusion criteria, such as being published in the last 10 years, and exclusion criteria, such as article type, animal-model usage, and age, were used to select the studies, and 11 were analyzed independently. Results: The results showed that adolescents use energy drinks for many factors, such as connection with peers and family, propaganda, and taste. Some studies have been developed in Australia and the United States of America, and some have explored other variables associated with energy drinks and alcohol use. Conclusion: It is essential to understand how energy drink consumption and behaviors are related to health or risky behavior and its associations with other drugs. More research is needed to explore the long-term health impacts of energy drink consumption during the critical developmental periods of childhood and adolescence, as well as its association with alcohol and other substances. The findings underline the importance of stringent regulations, public health policies, and educational initiatives to mitigate the risks associated with energy drink consumption among adolescents. Future research is essential to understand the long-term implications and develop effective preventive strategies to safeguard adolescent health and well-being.

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Energy drinks, Consumption, Health, adolescents
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Andrade, F., Thalheimer , G. ., Vásquez Hidalgo, S., & De Almeida, R. M. (2023). A Scoping Review on Energy Drink Consumption Among Adolescents and Young Adults. Graduate Student Journal of Psychology, 21. https://doi.org/10.52214/gsjp.v21i.11906