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Scarlet Au
Kairaluchi Oraedu


Dear Reader,

Throughout the past year, the Journal of Global Health remains committed towards serving as an active platform for discussions in public and global health in the post-pandemic world.
At the core of the journal’s mission, we aim to encourage the dissemination of research that explores a variety of global health challenges and inequities as well as the multifaceted approaches that can be taken to address them. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with writers, students, researchers and community members at our Columbia campus and beyond. We are excited to share our newest Fall 2022 issue with you.

Beyond our biannual publication featuring research manuscripts, we are excited to share the new content published on our “What is Global Health?” podcast and blog produced by the Online Board, which includes interviews with Columbia public health faculty and op-ed reflections on current health issues. In light of the pandemic, science communication has become the spotlight of discussion over recent years. Our podcast and blog seeks to make public and global health research and associated discussions accessible to a broader audience. The “What is Global Health?” podcast can be accessed online at whatisglobalhealth.podcasts.library.columbia.edu or on multiple streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Stitcher. The blog can be accessed on our journal’s website. Both our podcast and blog are hosted through our partnership with Columbia University Libraries.

This Fall 2022 issue explores a broad range of global health topics from the U.S. to Africa. This issue delves into examining the 2021 SAMHSA Grant Allocation as a Federal Response to the Opioid Epidemic, corruption and healthcare in Africa and factors influencing family planning in the Buyende District of Uganda. We thank our authors and peer reviewers for their submissions and contributions without which our journal could not exist.

We would like to express our gratitude towards our 55-person journal team, composed of our Managing Board, Editorial Board, Production & Design Board, Online Board, and Business & Communications Board. We also wish to thank our peer reviewers who volunteered their time to provide the authors with insightful feedback on their manuscripts. Thank you to our collaborators at the Columbia University Libraries and the Faculty Advisory Board composed of Scholarly Communication Technologies Librarian Esther Jackson and faculty advisor Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Professor James Colgrove.

Scarlet Au & Kairaluchi Oraedu
Co-Editors-in-Chief, The Columbia University Journal of Global Health

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Letter from the Editor
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