What is Global Health?

Health–a central factor of every human life across the world. Yet, much of the discussion around important health issues remains limited to specialized professionals. To break down these boundaries, the “What is Global Health” podcast creates meaningful and shareable interviews between influential global health professionals and students. We cover relevant, current issues in public health, including health policy, environmental health, and epidemiology. Run entirely by student interviewers, our podcast also offers a creative, fresh approach to intersectional topics, such as mental health or patient narratives, under the umbrella theme of public health.

The podcast works to spread accessibility of public & global health beyond the academic and professional world. Through conversational dialogue, we hope to increase public awareness of public & global health issues as well as inspire new interest in the field. The “What is Global Health” podcast is produced by the Journal of Global Health, the most widely-distributed student public health journal in the country.

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