Combating Violence Against Anti-Polio Campaigns In Pakistan

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Muhammad Farooq Ahmed


Poliomyelitis has reemerged as a major global public health problem after being on the brink of eradication. Pakistan, especially its northwestern region, has been identified as the biggest hub of this resurgence. Here, the fight against polio has borne the brunt of the ongoing conflict between the State and the Taliban insurgents. At least 76 polio workers have been killed by the Taliban in order to frustrate anti-polio efforts. As the insurgents have broader militant objectives behind their actions, the Pakistani state should devise an urgent and comprehensive strategy to stop the polio spread. A two-pronged approach can be applied to address this problem. In conflict-prone areas, grassroots level awareness campaigns should be conducted to educate the people about the benefits of the polio vaccine. Meanwhile, in the rest of Pakistan, anti-polio vaccination efforts should be intensified for herd immunity. Additionally, the maximum level of security possible against potential insurgent attacks should be provided for the field vaccination teams.

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Pakistan, polio, polio campaigns
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