Peer Review

Peer Review Policy

Meliora conducts a meticulous peer review process in order to ensure an impartial selection of submitted theses. This system protects authors from potential biases while simultaneously providing constructive criticism and assuring the scholastic quality of submissions. This will aid authors in furthering their ideas and provide peer reviewers the opportunity to gain substantial editorial experience.

Meliora is committed to a double-blind peer review system, ensuring the anonymity of both reviewers and authors for the duration of the review process. Each thesis will be anonymously evaluated by a submissions editor, and, if selected, undergo a review conducted by a qualified member of the Barnard/Columbia academic community, as well as Meliora’s team of development editors. Reviewers will be selected and assigned to a thesis based on their experience, areas of expertise, and dedication to a creative, diverse, and constructive academic community. Following publication, authors will be asked if they would like to be put in contact with their peer reviewer. Accordingly, all peer reviewers must consent to the possibility of their identity being disclosed to the author. This will provide both scholars with the opportunity to make connections with like-minded peers and cultivate the growth of academic thought.

Reviewer Guidelines

Meliora asks that reviewers be constructive, open-minded, and critically engaged throughout the review process. Reviewers will respect the confidentiality of their assigned author, and will not share their review pre-publication. All reviewers will be asked to disclose competing interests that may disqualify them from participating in the peer review process. Competing interests include knowing the author in an academic or personal setting to the extent that the reviewer could identify their work. Reviewers should be active scholars in their respective departments and disciplines. Reviewers will be expected to contact the journal in the event that they do not have the required expertise to evaluate a thesis. While Meliora does not have any specific limitations regarding reviewers’ areas of expertise, we are actively looking for scholars with backgrounds in English, Comparative Literature, Medieval & Renaissance Studies, Africana Studies, Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies, Film Studies, Postcolonial Theory, and Theatre