Contexts of Co-Constructed Discourse Interaction, Pragmatics, and Second Language Applications

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Cicely Rude


The edited volume, Contexts of Co-constructed Discourse: Interaction Pragmatics, and Second Language Applications, edited by Czerwionka, Showstack, and Liskin (2022), is presented as a tribute to Dr. Dale April Koike and her contributions to applied linguistics, co-constructed discourse, pragmatics, and language pedagogy. Building upon that body of work, this collection showcases new developments in co-construction in discourse research. Each contributing author endeavors to add a more nuanced understanding of emergent context in interactions through chapters that explore some of the dynamics between action and language in interaction and delve into identities, social roles and actions, pragmatic meaning-making, frames, and context. The collection both offers thanks to Dr. Koike for her contributions to these areas of study and adds to the existing body of research on how speakers jointly negotiate meanings, contexts, identities, and social positions in interaction.

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book review, co-constructed discourse, discourse analysis
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