The Impact of English Extracurricular Activities on Pre-Service Teachers at the Higher Institute of Social Sciences and Education of Gafsa

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Mohamed Salah
Noura Houichi


This exploratory practice study examined the impact of English extracurricular activities on pre-service teachers at the Higher Institute of Social Sciences and Education of Gafsa (HISSEG). In particular, it explored pre-service teachers’ experiences in extracurricular activities that involve the use of English and how these extracurriculars impacted pre-service teachers vis-à-vis their English language. Qualitative and quantitative data from 19 pre-service teachers at the HISSEG were collected via an online questionnaire and self-recorded videos. Results showed that participants’ experiences in extracurriculars were positive and beneficial for their motivation towards using the language, as well as for their English language development. Not only did extracurricular activities seem to enhance participants’ overall English language proficiency, but they also helped foster specific skills such as pronunciation and vocabulary building. 

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EFL, exploratory practice, extracurricular activities, pre-service teachers, Tunisian education