An Exploratory Practice Study on the Use of Film Adaptation in the Tunisian Literature Classroom

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Cyrine Kortas


This exploratory practice study examined the effectiveness of film adaptation in teaching a Shakespearean play, The Merchant of Venice, during the fall semester of 2022 at the Higher Institute of Languages, Gabès. Qualitative and quantitative data from third-year students majoring in English language, literature, and civilization, as well as teachers of English literature were collected through a questionnaire and two interviews. Questionnaire results indicated that the majority of students had a positive view of the film adaptation of the play in question, noting that it helped them overcome their anxiety when reading Shakespearean works and increased their motivation and engagement. The teachers interviewed highlighted the effectiveness of film adaptation in teaching literature, in general, and Shakespearean plays, in particular. 

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exploratory practice, film adaptation, EFL, English teaching, students of English