Self- and Peer-Assessment of Speaking

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Soo Hyoung Joo



The research on the second language (L2) speaking assessment has been predominantly concerned with formal proficiency tests. However, with a growing interest in learning-oriented assessment (LOA), more researchers are interested in learner involvement in speaking assessment (Blanche & Merino, 1989; Luoma, 2004; Ocarson, 1989). Self- and peer-assessment of speaking, where learners evaluate the performance of their own and their peers, can be an exemplar of assessment with its primary purpose on learning (Chen, 2006, 2008; Ibersson, 2012; Saito, 2008; Topping & Ehly, 1998). Depending on the purpose, self- and peer-assessment can take various forms: a questionnaire on general speaking ability, a learning log for metacognitive reflection, or a classroom activity where learners use the same rating criteria as their teachers (Bachman & Palmer, 1989; Chen, 2008, Rivers, 2001).

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