The Use of Technology In-and-outside Second Language Classrooms: How, What, and Why?

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Hiromi Noguchi


The growing popularity of computer-mediated communication (CMC) has given rise to virtually endless possibilitiesfor second language (L2) teaching and learning. For one,computer-mediated tasks allow learners to work at their own pace,whilemaintaining the anonymityof the interlocutor(s).Such anonymityin turn lowerslearners’ anxietylevel(s)and arouses their interestinparticipation,resulting in a higher level of learner autonomy(Bhatia& Ritchie, 2009).A case in point would be computer-mediated instructionof L2writingusing Wikis. More specifically,multiple participants can edit a piece of writingand leave comments outside of the second language (L2)classroom; instead, learners write extensively via such media as blogs. This has shown (e.g., Nonaka, 2011; Sato, 2008) to have a positive effect on increasing the learner’s level motivation.

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