Classroom-based Conversation Analytic Research: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Pedagogy

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Mark Romig


At the heart of Kunitz, Markee, and Sert’s (2021) edited volume is the question of how classroom interaction can contribute to second language acquisition. Using conversation analysis (CA) as a methodological tool to answer this question, the editors and contributing authors of this book also endeavor to package their findings in ways that are accessible for all kinds of language teaching professionals (e.g., pre- and in-service teachers, language program administrators, teacher supervisors, etc.). Their main argument for doing so hinges on the fact that research can sometimes occur in a vacuum, and that stakeholders need to develop a “consumers’ understanding” (p. 1) of how to translate findings from CA in order to inform curricular change.

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Conversation Analytic Research, Theoretical and Applied Perspectives on Pedagogy
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