Voices in Bioethics focuses on pressing bioethical issues. Our publication analyzes domestic and global ethical issues found throughout the intersection of medicine, law, philosophy, public health, and technology. Our contributors are a diverse group of graduate students, graduates of Columbia’s MS in Bioethics program, health professionals, researchers, philosophers, and professors. 

Please also see our Voices in Bioethics Podcast (columbia.edu) where we interview thought leaders with an eye to projecting personal stories as well as addressing professional ethical dilemmas.

Disclosure of Affiliation:

Voices in Bioethics operates in affiliation with the Master of Science in Bioethics program at Columbia University. Members of the editorial staff, advisory board, and several contributors are usually affiliated with Columbia University as students, alumni, and faculty. In addition, the journal receives minor funding from Columbia University. However, the views expressed in this journal are neither reflective nor representative of the views of Columbia University. Submissions to this journal will be evaluated without consideration of author’s institutional affiliation.

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