Voices in Bioethics focuses on pressing bioethical issues.  Our publication analyzes domestic and global ethical issues found throughout the intersection of medicine, law, philosophy, public health, and technology. Our contributors are a diverse group of graduate students, graduates of Columbia’s MS in Bioethics program, health professionals, researchers, philosophers, and professors.

Vol 6 (2020)

Published: Apr 30, 2020

Human Challenge Trials for a COVID-19 Vaccine

Should we bother about exploitation?

Victor Chidi Wolemonwu

Critical Pedagogy in the New Normal

Teaching values-based education online

Christopher Ryan Maboloc

Losses in times of a pandemic

Bioethical perceptions about mourning caused by COVID-19 in Brazil

Bárbara Bowoniuk Wiegand, Solange do Carmo Bowoniuk Wiegand

Economics and the value of human life

the priority narrative in public health ignores secondary health effects influenced by the economy

Anne Zimmerman

Monitoring Human Waste

A Non-Invasive Early Warning Tool

Sarah Messina

Global health equity

COVID-19 highlights a need for ethical improvements

Awele Utomi

Non-COVID-19 Patients Left out in the Cold

Inevitable Outcome of Pandemic Ethics?

Camille Castelyn

Hindsight is 20/20

Lessons from the COVID–19 Pandemic and the Need for Stronger, Ethical Disease Surveillance

James Ninia

Environmental and economical ethics collide

Business as usual after COVID-19 or shifting towards a planetary health perspective?

Camille Castelyn

Achieving equity and agreement

The importance of inclusion of marginalized groups in hospital policy initiatives

Pageen Manolis Small

Utilitarianism in Crisis

Samuel Dale

This crisis is not a war

It is what physicians are trained to do

Hector Ramos, MD

COVID-19 Shortages

Clear guidelines and advanced directives could ease allocation decisions

Sarah Messina

Vigilante grocers

Is temperature screening of customers by retailers an ethical and valuable restriction on privacy and freedom?

Anne Zimmerman, JD

Ethics of AI

Perpetuating Racial Inequalities in Healthcare Delivery and Patient Outcomes

Alyse Callaway Chase

COVID-19 Labor & Delivery

Hospitals Should Determine Their Own Temporary Support Person Restrictions

Marie-Julie Trahan, MD

At the intersection of public and private morality

an ethical framework for aggressive COVID-19 policies

Anne Zimmerman, JD

The precautionary principle in mask-wearing

when waiting for explicit scientific evidence is unwise

Anne Zimmerman, JD

It could happen again

reducing comorbidity as a tactic for long term preparation for novel viruses

Anne Zimmerman, JD

Using HIV/AIDS Education as a Model for Female Genital Cutting Education

Respecting culture while educating communities

Farley Moore

Federal Troops in the Portland, Oregon Protests

Race, Authoritarianism, and a Posse Comitatus Act Violation

Anne Zimmerman

Flint Revisited

The media’s overwhelming indifference to the existence and impact of environmental racism

Tracey L. Cohen

The Right to Try

Jacqueline Augenstein

Actually Helping Some Poor People

Global Philanthropy, Sustainability & Privilege

Jennifer Wineke

Oversight of biohacking when the stakes are high

Ethics police or FBI?

Camille Castelyn

Marketing madness

The disingenuous use of free speech by big data and big pharma to the detriment of medical data privacy

Anne Zimmerman, JD

Patients Choosing Healthcare Provider Based on Race

Ethical Issues and Considerations

Melina Kim

Earning their Trust

Understanding the Role of Traditional Healers and Their Role in Approaching Africa’s Ebola Epidemic

Sayantanee Das

Hacking Disease

The Ethics of DIY Medicine

Ishaan Kumar
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