First place: Lee, Yuna. Consciously Choosing Unconsciousness: Clinical Decision-making with Palliative Sedation

Second Place: Ngo, William. Alcohol Exclusion Laws and Their Drawbacks

Third Place: Tenenbaum, Jonathan. Competence or Experience: The Missing Voice in Pediatric Decision-Making

Honorable Mentions

Pisciotta, Amanda. Shifting Paradigms: Rethinking Autism Beyond the Medical Model

Diloreto, Ashley. Brain Organoids, the Path Forward?

Editor’s Picks

Lewis, Cara. Protecting Confidentiality in the Digital Ecosystem of Humanitarian Aid 

Pollock, Jacob. Systemic Racism and Discrimination Towards American Minorities

Fry, Maxwell. Autonomy and Its Limits: A Discussion of the Shortcomings of Informed Consent



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Format: Footnotes in any format; no reference lists or bibliographies; single-spaced; page numbers in bottom center

Deadline: December 30, 2023

Rubric: Papers will be evaluated based on the following five criteria.

  1. Clarity of stated thesis 
  2. Originality of argument
  3. Strength of argument (valid conclusion)
  4. Attention to counterarguments
  5. Writing style (conciseness, clarity, readability, straightforward style, grammar)

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