Incompatible Education

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Ludington, J. (2022). Incompatible Education: The Student Movement in Burma during the Interwar Period. The Columbia Journal of Asia, 1(2), 91–103.


"This paper will therefore address these scholarly lacunae. First, it will provide a sufficient explanation of pre-colonial and British education prior to 1920. Second, it will distill the nationalist movement down to the components that were influenced by the student movement. And, by doing so, it will provide a specific answer to the initial research question: how did colonial education and the student movement influence the nationalist movement in Burma? "

Thesis: "this paper will argue that the activity of the Burmese student movement—itself a response to the decline of monastic education and its replacement with secular education under the British—was vital to the success of the Burmese nationalist movement, providing it with a crucial spark and a young generation of nationalists."