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New 2022 issue

The first paper of the new 2022 issue of the Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy is now available! How does clinical reasoning develop during residency training? Read the article, download articles for free, or submit new manuscripts at https://jcept.columbia.eduan open-access peer-reviewed journal.  

Entry level caseloads and burnout and grit

Read about current expectations for entry-level case loads and burnout and grit in physical therapy students in new JCEPT articles release this month.

New Issue

The new issue of the  Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy, an open access peer-reviewed journal, addresses clinical instructor preparedness for clinical teaching and the impact of student mental health. Read and download the articles free or submit new manuscripts at   

For new authors

Due to website security maintenance, a temporary hold has been placed on new authors wishing to register new accounts for themselves. While this website maintenance is in effect, new authors should email the editors-in-chief who will then create the new user accounts. You will then be able to submit your work. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Introducing the Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy

Introducing the Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy (JCEPT), a new peer-reviewed, open access publication from Columbia University Libraries. Bringing together clinicians and academic educators, JCEPT promotes advances in education and educational research to stimulate analysis and discussion of clinical education in our field.