Review Guidelines:

Part of the JCEPT mission is to facilitate professional development among clinical and academic faculty. Please provide constructive criticism with professional language, regardless of whether you chose to participate in the open-review or double blinded review process. Confidential comments to the editors can always be made separately. Reviewers must uphold COPE ethical guidelines for reviewers as outlined:  

Good reviews should be:

  • Organized and thoughtful such that the comments can lead to a stronger manuscript.
  • Detailed with each comment referring to specific content with continuous lines numbers.
  • Complete with respect to criteria for each submission type (see rubrics for guidance).

Peer Review Process:

  1. Receive an invitation by the Associate Editor to review a manuscript
  2. Accept the invitation.
  3. Choose the peer review process you prefer: JCEPT offers either traditional double blind or open peer review options for our reviewers.
    • Opt-in to the open-review process. Open peer review removes reviewer anonymity and encourages more collegial conversations between authors and reviewers. JCEPT believes that open peer review coincides with its mission as it facilitates development of reviewers as well as authors interested in participating and submitting similar research. If both you and the author opt-in for the open-review process, i) the author will know who the reviewers are, and ii) the review may be published as a peer-reviewed work, if published with the paper. For publication, degree, title & contact information will be required.
    • The default option will be the traditional double blinded review process. If you do not opt-in, your confidentiality will be maintained in the standard blinded review process.
      • You can receive anonymous credit for completing a review via Publons.
  4. Review the manuscript. 
  5. Submit the complete online peer-review form within 2 weeks of accepting the invitation.
  6. You may be asked to review the revised manuscript.

Download a copy of our peer review form.