Current Issue

Published May 31, 2024
Vol. 2, No. 2

This issue of Meliora was published under the guidance of editors-in-chief Julie Chow and Abigail Brasch with the support of faculty advisors Professor Atefeh Akbari and Professor Lisa Gordis.

In this issue, readers will delve into Rachel Van Vort's navigation of the tension between these storytelling written and oral storytelling in Juan José Saer’s The Witness and Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony to explore how we can overcome the barriers of language and medium. Readers will also engage in Larissa Guerrini-Maraldi's thorough scrutiny of the feminine resistance in Cordelia's minimal dialogue under King Lear's silencing reign. As Soren Gannholm examines the trans ethic in Jos Charles’ Feeld that redefines the natural and embraces the technologized body beyond the natural-human binary, Rebecca Siegel's fresh perspective on the flying creatures and imagery in Emily Dickinson’s poetry. Following the footprints of Dickinson's birds, bees, and bodies, both pieces explore the profound philosophical questions about life, death, and the beyond, challenging the dualist perceptions of existence.

Meliora aims to transcend traditional academic boundaries, enabling the emergence of innovative research across diverse themes and eras. The journal offers a platform for budding scholars to explore lesser-known works and reinterpret established texts, encouraging them to question and redefine the literary canon—by uncovering fresh perspectives and deepening our understanding of its complexities, the journal fosters a rich dialogue that enriches the academic dialogue with endless possibilities for connection and exploration across different fields and cultures.

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