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The Fifth Amendment Implications of How You Unlock Your Phone

February 5, 2020

I recently bought a new laptop, one with a fingerprint sensor. I didn’t think much about this feature. My old laptop didn’t have

Abandoned DNA and the Fourth Amendment with Dr. Thomas Holland

June 22, 2019

This episode features Isha Agarwal, STLR Staffer, talking with Dr. Thomas Holland about DNA and the Fourth Amendment

As DNA analysis becomes more ubiquitous

Compulsory Vaccine Laws with Vincent Racaniello and Erwin Chemerinsky

May 15, 2019

This episode features Sam Matthews, STLR Executive Submissions Editor, discussing the constitutionality of compulsory vaccine laws Professor Vincent

Moran Yemini on The New Irony of Free Speech

April 18, 2019

This episode features Jennifer Ange, STLR Staffer, talking with Dr. Moran Yemini about the freedom of speech in

IPRs and Sovereign Immunity

March 26, 2019
IPRs and Tribal Sovereign Immunity

On July 20, 2018, the Federal Circuit held in Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe v. Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. that Native American tribes cannot assert tribal

A Federal Anti-SLAPP Law Would Make CDA 230 More Effective

September 12, 2018

This article was published originally on, and was co-authored with Evan Mascagni, the Policy Director at the Public Participation Project. Re-published with the

Can Electronic Surveillance Constitute a Search of Private Property Under the 4th Amendment? Gorsuch’s Comments Raise New Questions.

March 14, 2018

At oral argument in Carpenter v. United States, now awaiting final decision, Justice Gorsuch raised the possibility that individuals have a property

Gill v. Whitford and the Math of Gerrymandering

November 1, 2017

On October 3, 2017, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Gill v. Whitford, 137 S. Ct. 2268 (Mem) (2017), the latest case to reach the