Editorial Staff

Glenn Michael Gordon, Editor-in-Chief

Kevin Windhauser, Research Editor

Shelby Wardlaw, Copy Editor

Abdurrauf Muhammad, Technology and Social Media Associate

Editorial Board

Lindsey Cienfuegos
Charlee Dryoff
Tibo J.S. Halsberghe
Emily Hunt Kivel
Anya-Lewis Meeks
Theresa Lin
Naomi Michalowicz
Anne Melissa Potter
Chelsea Spata
Ann Waller
Shelby Wardlaw
Brianna Williams 
Frances Wood
Ami Yoon

The Undergraduate Writing Program

Nicole B. Wallack
Director, Undergraduate Writing Program

Sue Mendelsohn
Associate Director, Writing Center

Aaron Ritzenberg
Associate Director, First-Year Writing

Glenn Michael Gordon
Assistant Director, Technology and Pedagogical Resources

John R. Stobo
Administrative Assistant