Dear JCEPT authors, editors, and reviewers,

The Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy (JCEPT) and the underlying website host will require that everyone must sign in using an ORCID Identifier starting tomorrow on August 1, 2023.

Using ORCID will enhance security and connect you and JCEPT to other journals, researchers, and funding resources. ORCID is a nonprofit organization that provides free unique identifiers for individual researchers. Researchers keep the free ORCID ID throughout their careers. Your ORCID ID is linked to a researcher profile that you control. Many journal platforms and research-funder systems now incorporate or require an ORCID ID.

Sign up for an ORCID ID now. You will need your ORCID ID to submit, revise, review, and edit any JCEPT article. Go to, select Sign In/Register on the upper right of the screen, and follow the prompts. See all instructions here. Once you have an ORCID ID you must link your JCEPT and ORCID accounts.
Select ORCID two-factor authentication in settings under securityTwo-factor authentication must be activated on your ORCID account, such as DUO Mobile used at Columbia University or another two-factor authentication app.

After August 1, when anyone registers a new JCEPT account or signs in as an existing JCEPT user, they will be prompted to go to and create a new ORCID account or link their new/pre-existing ORCID identifier to the JCEPT account. ORCID users who have not activated two-factor authentication will be prompted to do.

The integration of ORCID into the JCEPT website is an important step as we move towards our goal of PubMedCentral indexing in the coming year or two. The pace of submissions and article downloads has steadily increased. Thank you for your valued participation in the Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy (JCEPT).

Please email us at with any questions.

Thank you.