Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy – the first year in review

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Christopher Kevin Wong
Jean Fitzpatrick Timmerberg


One year ago, we launched the Journal of Clinical Education in Physical Therapy (JCEPT) with the twin aims of facilitating communication among all involved in physical therapy clinical education and developing educational scholarship related to clinical training. Since then we have leaned on our distinguished JCEPT editorial board, that represent a variety of clinical specialties and roles in physical therapy education, to continue to develop our website and the growing number of submitted manuscripts. In keeping with the mission, three papers have now been published: one perspective addresses the communication network among the many stakeholders in physical therapy clinical education; and two studies examine the integration of simulation into physical therapy curricula.


Jensen GM, Nordstrom T, Mostrom E, et al. National study of excellence and innovation in physical therapist education: Part 2 – a call to reform. Phys Ther (2017) 97: 875–88. doi: 10.1093/ptj/pzx062

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Pritchard SA, Blackstock FC, Nestel D, et al. Simulated patients in physical therapy education: systematic review and meta-analysis. Phys Ther (2016) 96: 1342–53. doi: 10.2522/ptj.20150500

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