Integrating External Software into SMART Board Calculus Lessons

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Allen Wolmer
Leonid Khazanov


Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) are becoming commonplace throughout primary, secondary, and post- secondary classrooms. However, the focus of the associated lesson creation & management software tools delivered with IWBs has been the primary grades, while secondary and postsecondary mathematics lessons have requirements beyond what is delivered entirely within this software. This article describes how SMART NotebookTM, the software delivered with SMART Technologies’ SMART BoardTM, allows teachers to easily go beyond any perceived limitations by facilitating integration of a wide variety of other software packages to produce dynamic, visually appealing, and most important, effective calculus lessons. The content and visual requirements of such lessons are described and examples from actual lessons demonstrate how these requirements can be fulfilled.

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Wolmer, A., & Khazanov, L. (2011). Integrating External Software into SMART Board Calculus Lessons. Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 2(2).