Are You and Your Significant Other Compatible?

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Gabriella Foe


Compatibility is of great importance when it comes to relationships. After all, every match-making website asks many questions, from personality types to habits to pet peeves, in order to determine whether or not two people will be a good match. But there is another type of compatibility criteria that is becoming increasingly important: your genetic material. ThePerfect46 is a genetics company that claims to determine whether you are with “the one,” according to your genes. They focus on ensuring that your offspring will be free from known genetically heritable diseases.

The Perfect 46

Does this sound plausible? Very much so—but not yet. is not a real company’s web-page, but a site to promote the film The Perfect 46. This film raises many relevant ethical issues that our society will have to face in the near future. How much responsibility, if at all, do we owe the future generation to ensure that they are free of known genetically heritable diseases? Is this another form of eugenics? Are we playing God? How much should we consider genetic compatibility when choosing our significant other? Is there a duty to consider it at all?

These are all important questions that our society will have to answer as genetic technology rapidly advances to do what was thought to be impossible not too long ago. Where is the boundary? How should it be determined?

This film has been released in the United Kingdom and parts of United States. It will be shown in New York City on May 19, 2014 at the SOHO International Film Festival. Check it out and let us know your thoughts and opinions!

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