Archives (2014-2015)

Vol. 1 No. (2015)

Published: May 15, 2020

Orange is the New Black

Eric Bolanos

In Memoriam

Bob Whiteman

Robert Klitzman

For Everything A Season

Bob Whiteman

The Daughter

Linda Clarke

Aunt Peggy

Carolyn Chapman

Starting the Conversation

Randi Belisomo

No Men Allowed

Caryn Rubanovich

Acupuncture Journeys to the West

Stephanie Holmquist

Unheard Voices of Willowbrook

Obiora Anekwe


Julia Bolzon

The Challenges of Preventive Screenings

Stephanie Holmquist

The New Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Madeline Goldberg

Who’s to Blame?

Maia Winkel

Boxing and Neuroethics

Stephanie Holmquist

The Sin and Guilt of Inaction

Dallas Ducar

Biobanks and Informed Consent

Gabriella Foe

R*pe: Still a Four-Letter Word

Jhia Louise Jackson

Suspending Informed Consent

Dallas M. Ducar

Trading Autonomy for Therapy

Dallas M. Ducar

Taxpayers Funding Sex Change

Marilyn Eshikena

The Modern Family Fiasco

Louisa Howard

Miso on the Market in South Texas

Sebastian Agredo

How to Boycott Animal Testing

Marilyn Eshikena

Using Prudence When Prescribing

Dallas M. Ducar

Manipulating Malaria

Dallas M. Ducar

Choosing Life, Not Suffering

Reevaluating Hospice Care

Mytra Haerizadeh, Dylan Marshall

Telemedicine in Developing Countries

Madeline Goldberg

Commentary of "Telemedicine in Developing Countries"

Scott Korotkin, Gabriella Foe

Framing Obesity

Who is Responsible?

Gabriella Foe

Commentary of "Framing Obesity: Who is Responsible?"

Derek Ayeh, Lillian Ringel

Ethicizing the Ebola Epidemic

Louisa Howard

The Risks in Presuming

Louisa Howard

The Dangers of Early Identification

Dallas M. Ducar

Scott Panetti on Death Row

Dallas Ducar

Remembering John Arras

Dallas Ducar


Kacper Niburski

On Starting Medical School

Priya Misra