Mission Statement

Teaching Citational Practice: Critical Feminist Approaches (TCP) is an open-access, interdisciplinary pedagogical resource for higher education instructors interested in innovative and progressive strategies for teaching research and citation.

TCP emerges from a workshop series titled “Citational Practice as Critical Feminist Pedagogy,” which Columbia University graduate students Cat Lambert and Diana Newby developed and hosted through Columbia’s Center for Teaching & Learning in Spring 2021. As the capstone project, workshop participants created original teaching materials that they could use to enact a critical feminist approach to teaching citational practice in their own classes. Those teaching materials have now been published here, and are available for instructors across disciplines and institutions to consult, to adapt, and—we hope—to cite.


Aims and Scope

TCP aims to curate and promote pedagogical research and practices that challenge dominant structures of knowledge, intellectual genealogies, and academic narratives. It is a space for sharing and discussing approaches to teaching college students how to recognize and effectively grapple with the political and ethical implications of academic citation. 

In our teaching and in our scholarship, TCP’s editors and contributors are committed to identifying and dismantling racist, misogynist, and otherwise harmful trends in standard practices of academic citation and canonization. We are further committed to affirming and developing principles and practices of citation that meaningfully legitimize excluded, overlooked, and non-traditional sources and scholarship.