Recording Humidity, Temperature, and Moisture in a Hydroponic Greenhouse

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Olsen, M., Farrel, F., Kuznetsov, G., Nolan, D., Yasa, V., & Peixoto, N. (2023). Recording Humidity, Temperature, and Moisture in a Hydroponic Greenhouse. Consilience, (26).


George Mason University’s hydroponic greenhouse and the Patriot Green Fund requested an irrigation data logging system to track how weather conditions affect the frequency at which plants need to be watered. A prototype system was created and tested in the greenhouse. The initial prototype was found to have significant issues and was brought back to the lab for modification. Upon testing in the lab, it was found that the sensors had multiple issues; further testing is required to find solutions. This project has wide implications in the field of sustainability, as it could be used in medium- and small-scale hydroponics operations across the world.
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