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Briefings Overview

The goal of Briefings is to publish short-form discourse on topics and current events in sustainable development for the engagement of the general public and professionals. In additon to being published by Consilience, Briefings pieces are also considered for publication by Columbia University's Earth Institute. 

Submitting to Briefings

We welcome any interested author to submit to Briefings, the team aims to publish a diverse range of voices and topics. Please keep submissions lower than 1500 words. Before submitting, be sure to look at the Briefings page, this is a valuable resource to gain a sense of past sucessful submissions.

Important Notes

While Consilience will make every effort to respond to all submissions, it cannot guarantee that all submitters will receive a response. Consilience cannot return submitted documents. Please contact Consilience at if you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within two months of submitting.

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