Gender Marketing and the Consumption of Family Planning Methods

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Afobunor, A., Oyatoye, E. O., Mojekwu, J. N., & Adebiyi, S. O. (2023). Gender Marketing and the Consumption of Family Planning Methods. Consilience, (26).


Questions remain about how we can initiate use of vasectomy and other underutilized birth-control methods for men over contraception medication for women. This paper’s analysis of sex promotion in Nigeria, utilizing the indicators continually featured in the extant literature, uncovers the result of the masculinization of contraception medication marketing and use. People are projected to change their conceptive activities to decelerate populace increase, but the converse is also true. How can we better comprehend the contradiction in the birth control market and the reasons behind birth control manufacturers’ decision to choose a particular business strategy in a time marked by sustainability champions? Although companies hold divergent views on marketing approaches for successful and broad utilization of contraception medication, over the long run, most have zeroed in on mass promotion. Researchers have identified the financial and segment conditions that rouse couples to oversee their fertility, but this study examines gender marketing and family planning methods. We hypothesize that masculinization of birth control marketing induces consumption in men. We adopted the Likert scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) for the data collection on birth control consumption. Data analysis relied on the use of graphs and ANOVA. This study substantiates that masculinization of the marketing mix elements (combined stakeholder engagement, mass marketing, celebrity endorsement, & communications) will induce birth control consumption in males. This discovery is an invaluable contribution to knowledge in both theory and practice.
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