Editors in Chief

Gaëlle Bottex

Gaëlle Bottex is a social work student in the Reduced Residency program on the Advanced Generalist Practice & Programming track at Columbia School of Social Work. Her studies focus on children, family, and youth services. She is a program and research assistant at the Center for Complicated Grief.


Katharina Lemmerz

Katharina Lemmerz is a second year Masters student at the Columbia School of Social Work. Her studies focus on social work policy with a concentration on contemporary social issues. After completing her Masters, she is interested in pursuing advocacy work for survivors of sexual assault and interpersonal violence. Katharina is honored to be overseeing the Review this year with Gaëlle after having been an associate editor herself last year.


Executive Editors

Alexander Auyeung

Alex is a two-year MSW student in the AGPP Method and CSI Field of Practice. He served as a school social work intern at P.S. 399 in Brooklyn, working with children living in temporary housing. He is eager to contribute to the Review’s mission and truly believes that editing can be a lot of fun!


Alexandra Kuschner

Alex is a second-year student pursuing the Advanced Clinical Practice track in Health, Mental Health, and Disabilities. She is passionate about the field of mental health and believes everyone can benefit from talking to counselors or social workers. Before matriculating at Columbia, Alex coached collegiate rowing, consulted for the government, and worked as an undergraduate admission officer at Georgetown and Stanford. She holds a BA in Art History from Harvard College and an MA in International Affairs from American University. In her spare time, Alex enjoys rowing, reading, and visiting museums.


Airenakhue Omoragbon

Airenakhue is a second-year student at CSSW whose coursework sits at the intersection of Accelerated Policy Practice and Family, Youth, and Children's Services. She is originally from Brooklyn, New York and this year is interning with the Office of Trafficking in Persons in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). She loves to cook and recently developed a passion for bike riding.


Dilara Ozbek

Dilara Ozbek (she/her) is an MSW student at Columbia School of Social Work. She is pursuing the Advanced Clinical Practice method with a concentration in Health, Mental Health, and Disabilities. Dilara holds her BA in Psychology from Cornell University and is passionate about social justice. She has past experience working with individuals and communities as a Head Start family partner, as an AmeriCorps legal advocate, and as a hotline crisis counselor. Currently, Dilara serves as a clinical intern at the University of Vermont Center for Health & Wellbeing. She enjoys yoga, painting, and hiking with her dog, Frankie.


Associate Editors

Yunhe Bai

Yunhe Bai is a second-year student at CSSW in the Social Enterprise Administration Method. He has joined the CSWR editorial team after he and his friend (co-author) published an article in the journal this year.


Dominique Brown, MPH

Dominique Brown, MPH is a human rights advocate and scholar. Brown earned a Master of Public Health degree from New York University with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences. Brown currently works as a City Research Scientist at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. She uses mixed-method research to evaluate programs designed to promote health equity for NYC’s LGBTQ+ communities. In collaboration with these communities and other stakeholders, Brown works to ensure that the Health Department’s initiatives are inclusive of the city’s diversity. In addition, Brown is working toward a Master of Social Work degree. She will use her degree to continue to advance equity for marginalized communities and priority populations.


Avery Jane Carmichael

Avery Jane Carmichael is a first-year student at CSSW. She is an intern at Windsor Terrace Middle School. Prior to her studies at Columbia, she was an account manager and travel writer at Indagare, a luxury travel company in Manhattan. Avery will likely pursue Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice, and aims to work with children and families. Avery received a B.A. from Duke University, where she studied English and Creative Writing. In her free time, she enjoys true crime, long hikes, and tennis.


Teresa Coda

Teresa Coda is a first year student in the extended program with a clinical practice focus. She lives in Waynesboro, PA with her husband, two daughters (a 1.5-year-old and a new baby) and Boston terrier. She has a work background in hospital chaplaincy and for fun enjoys reading, cooking and celebrating minor holidays.


Nicole Rose Cohen

Nicole Cohen is a first-year student at CSSW in the Advanced Generalist and Programming Practice method. She currently coordinates a biweekly newsletter for Jewish Voice for Peace Boston and does volunteer graphic design for various organizations. She is interested in housing justice, disability justice, abolition, and the wellbeing of her cat, Bruce Willis.


Sarah Dillard

Sarah Dillard is a first-year student in the Clinical method focusing on health, mental health, and disabilities. She is a research fellow with SAFElab, and one of the co-leaders of the Media and Social Justice Caucus.


Samantha Fingerhut

Samantha is an MSW student on the clinical track, specializing in mental health. previously, she worked in publishing and as a 10th grade English teacher in New York City public schools.


Alanna Fox

Alanna Fox is a first year student at CSSW in the Policy Practice Method. She is most interested in social work issues related to trauma and forced migration. Alanna currently resides in Hershey, PA.


Ruby M. Hwang

Rumi (she/they) is a 16-month ACP student in her final year at CSSW. Outside of her studies, she enjoys working with plants and herbs in her garden. Her clinical focus is on supporting survivors of interpersonal violence from a lens of abolition and intergenerational healing.


Rudhdi Karnik

Rudhdi Karnik is a first-year student at CSSW on the clinical track. She's a counseling intern at Harlem Village Academies High. Rudhdi loves yoga, reading fiction, and loafing with her senior cat.


Brian King

Brian King is a first-year student at CSSW in the Policy Program. He is interning with GatherFor, which is an organization facilitating a community-based support system for individuals facing challenges in light of COVID-19 and other life events. Brian lives in Brooklyn with his wife and their two dogs.


Vaughn Kurtenbach

Vaughn Kurtenbach is a second-year student at CSSW and is concentrating in Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice. She recently interned at the Jewish Family & Children’s Services center in Boston, where she worked with adults with developmental disabilities. Vaughn is also the proud mother of one human and two Pomeranians.


Christian Marie Helen Marquardt

Christian Marquardt is a first-year student on the clinical social work track with a focus in health, mental health, and disabilities. As a proud fronteriza, born and raised on the border of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Christian has dedicated herself to providing bilingual supports to her community in areas of focus such as mental health, immigration, climate justice, and youth mentorship.


Caitlin Elizabeth Mello

Caitlin Mello grew up just outside of Boston, MA and graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor's of Science in Social Work in 2019. Caitlin spent the following year on a Fulbright grant, teaching English in a small university on the eastern border of Poland. Here she gained a passion for teaching and editing, often helping seniors with their theses and publishing her own work in the university journal. Upon her return from Poland she wanted to make a difference through policy work and found the Columbia Social Work program to be the perfect balance with social justice concepts embedded in the program. As an Advanced Standing student, Caitlin is spending the year interning with the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, helping to write reports for State Advisory Committees. She looks forward to working on the Social Work Review to encourage amazing writers and help important ideas reach the social work community.


Stella Jane Park

Stella Park is a first-year student at CSSW with a concentration in Social Enterprise Administration and field of practice in Gerontology. She is an intern at Concerned Home Mangers for Elderly (COHME, Inc) and works for a nonprofit organization serving older adults called Project LIFE. Stella spent a few years in Oregon with her eleven year old cat, Momo, and adopted a two year old husky named Kita during her time there. She currently lives in Los Angeles with plans to move to New York in December. Stella also loves nature, going on walks, and writing in her planner.


Maegan Ramchal

Maegan Ramchal is a first year MSW student studying Advanced Clinical Social Work with a focus in Health, Mental Health, and Disabilities. She received her B.A. in psychology and environmental science from Northwestern University in 2019. Maegan is passionate about the research process and wants to bring her interdisciplinary mindset to the Columbia Social Work Review. She is committed to working to end gender-based violence and mental health stigma in the Caribbean community, as well as, advocate for environmental justice and disability awareness.


Kelsey G. Reeder, LCSW

Kelsey Reeder, LCSW (she, her, hers) is a Clinical Social Worker and PhD Student at CSSW. After earning her MSW at Columbia in 2015, Kelsey spent five years working clinically in the fields of foster care, school social work, and community mental health. She received post-graduate training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, and maintains a small private practice focused on relationship challenges, family conflict, and the expansiveness of queer and trans identity. Kelsey’s research interest is to subvert Social Work education, practice, and research through lenses of anti-colonialism and queer theory, and she is excited to bring these perspectives to the Review.


Kristi Lynn Shawhan

Kristi lives in Joshua Tree, California with her girlfriend Chelsi and their kitty Margo. She loves local farmers markets, live music, and her two nephews Dallas and Walker. Kristi is inspired by women who rise in the face of adversity.


Jennifer Song

Jennifer Song is a first-year student at CSSW in the Policy Track. She is a student intern at the Breaking Ground.


Bowen Hamel Mary Spottswood

Bowen Spottswood is a second-year student at CSSW on the Advanced Clinical Practice Track. As a student in CSSW’s DBT Training Program, her placement is with the Columbia University Irving Medical Center Accelerated Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Program. She is involved with Columbia Commons Interprofessional Education as a CSSW representative, and she loves her dogs Mango and Papaya dearly.


Peggy Ting

Peggy Ting is a second-year online campus student at CSSW in the Policy Practice Method. She is currently a policy intern at Our Children Oregon, a Portland-based child advocacy nonprofit, and lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and two energetic pups.