Editors in Chief 

Brenna Mayer (she/her)

Brenna Mayer (she/her) is a Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Columbia Social Work Review for 2023-24. She is a second-year student at Columbia School of Social Work on the Policy track with a focus in Contemporary Social Issues. Her current work involves advocating for gender justice in state policy.  


Mackenzie Christensen (she/her)

Mackenzie Christensen is a third-year MSW student in the Extended Program at CSSW. She is pursuing the Policy Practice track with a minor in Law. Mackenzie's social work interests include housing equity, environmental justice, and prison abolition work. She is currently interning with the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault. In her spare time, she is a gymnastics instructor and enjoys attending musicals, reading fantasy, and quilting or crocheting.


Executive Editors

Angelyn L. Wollen

Angelyn is excited to be part of the Columbia Social Work Review for a second year! She is an MSW candidate with a focus on clinical practice located in Washington, D.C. Angelyn currently supports students at the Catholic University of America as they navigate the challenges associated with emerging adulthood. Her desire to serve young people and families is inspired by her amazing 10-year-old daughter, Adeline.


ClaraGrace Pavelka (she/her)

ClaraGrace Pavelka is pursuing her Master's Degree in Social Work at Columbia University. She is specializing in the advanced clinical practice track. She is also a research assistant in the Jackman Lab in the Center for Sexual and Gender Minority Health Research at the Columbia University School of Nursing. She volunteers for CoSMO where she provides mental health services for underserved communities. In her free time, she is at the gym or reading. She loves exploring new book stores and is determined to find the best cortado in New York City.


Dana Saltoon (she/her) 

Dana is a second-year student at CSSW, and is pursuing the Policy track with a focus in mental health. She has previously worked as a psychotherapist for adolescents, and is now interning at the Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy. Her interests span across PTSD and traumatic grief, psychosis, and policy issues surrounding crisis intervention and the criminalization of mental illness. In her free time, Dana enjoys hiking and being outdoors, doing yoga, and painting.


Delcine Hackley (she/her)

Delcine Hackley is a second-year online student in the part-time program at CSSW. She is a mixed-race race (Filipino & Black), 1.5 generation immigrant dedicated to addressing systemic inequities and implementing race equity practices on an individual and organizational level. Delcine plans on concentrating in Policy Practice and is excited to continue developing her advocacy skills and building on her policy experience. She looks forward to collaborating with and supporting the Editorial Board in publishing thoughtful pieces on a variety of socioeconomic issues and its connection to the social work profession. When Delcine is not working, you can find her reading psychological thriller novels, cuddling with her dog, Rusty and roaming the streets of Seattle in search of the next best brunch spot, as she considers herself a bit of a connoisseur.


Halla Anderson

A recent graduate of The University of Pennslyvania with a Master’s in Social Policy. Current MSW candidate at Columbia University. Leader of the Abolition Caucus at CSSW. Over ten years in social justice activism. Research interests revolve around abolition, classism, and capitalism. Planning to pursue a PhD in Social Policy after graduating. I am interested in helping peers get published, grow, and succeed!


Lizzie Mahoney (she/her)

Lizzie is an Executive Editor on the 2023-2024 CSWR Board. Lizzie is on the Extended Pathway at CSSW and is looking forward to her specialized year on the ACP track next year. Lizzie was an Associate Editor last year, and is excited to be back on the board with a new role. In her free time, Lizzie enjoys walks with her husband, Dan, and her dog, Zarkos. She hopes you enjoy our journal this year!


Nuri Mendoza


Creative Editors


Charissa Gaul



Christa Miesner

Christa is a second-year MSW candidate on the Advanced Clinical Practice track specializing in children, youth, and families. She is currently interning at the San Diego Center for Children, which contracts with Primary Care Physicians to offer short-term therapy with patients and connecting them to long term care and other behavioral health resources. After completing her Masters, Christa plans to become a child and family therapist emphasizing in connecting with low income families who have limited access to behavioral and mental health services. In her free time, Christa enjoys being outdoors and hiking in San Diego, Ca where she lives.


Ezekiel Park


Rasa Siniakovas (she/her)

Rasa Siniakovas (she/her) is pursuing her Masters in Social Work with a specialization in Policy Practice. Her focus is contemporary social issues which includes interests in reproductive justice and LGBTQIA+ advocacy. In her free time, you can find her graphically designing t-shirts and catching up on reading for book clubs!


Tasmina Khair 


Associate Editors

Aashish Hemrajani (he/him)

Aashish Hemrajani (he/him) is a first year MSW student in the Reduced Residency program. He lives in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi where his work has focused on houselessness, drug use, trauma, and mental health. He completed an MA in Anthropology in 2016 based on fieldwork at a transitional shelter and a free clinic run by medical students. He spent the next five years at a harm reduction center doing homeless outreach, needle exchange, and medical case management for people living with HIV/AIDS. Since early 2022, he has been working as the Hawaiʻi Public Health Analyst of the Overdose Response Strategy (ORS). In his free time, he enjoys exploring the the islands' hiking trails, camping, and making music and visual art.


Chnoa-Nadine Manso-Vargas


Courtney Hunt (she/her)

Hi, I’m Courtney. I currently live in Des Moines, IA. This is my first year at Columbia and my first year in Social Work. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, I love spending time outside, reading, and catching up on old tv shows I’ve missed!


Chloe Neumann (she/her)

Chloe Neumann is an Advanced Standing IPP student at the Columbia School of Social Work. Chloe graduated from Indiana University in 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a minor in Classical Studies. Passionate about empowering individuals and fighting social stigmas, Chloe previously volunteered as a non-medical case manager for people living with HIV. Through the program Global Kids, Chloe is currently working at the High School for Public Service in Brooklyn where she runs educational programming about advocacy and college or career readiness. Aside from social work, Chloe loves her Golden Retriever and Australian Cattle dog, and enjoys exercise and is currently training to run her second marathon.

Claire Willis (she/her)

Claire (she/her) is a first year student at CSSW. She is primarily interested in environmental justice and alternative forms of therapy. Claire is based in Asheville, North Carolina and is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is currently interning with the domestic violence advocacy agency, Helpmate, in Asheville. In her free time, Claire loves camping, baking, and making pottery.


Jordana Suriel (she/her)

Jordana Suriel (She/her) is a proud first-generation first-year MSW candidate at Columbia School of Social Work. She is a native New Yorker with Dominican heritage. She is interested in both international and criminal justice within social work. Some of her passions involve youth advocacy, equity in education, and working with systems-impacted people and immigrants. Her dedication in equity is reflected locally and internationally, including her past work in Uganda, Guatemala, and Spain. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, painting, and exploring new hobbies.


Kendra Hall (she/her)

Kendra is a first year clinical MSW student with interests in mental health counseling and housing support. She is currently interning with Community Health Academy of the Heights in Washington Heights. In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting, knitting, reading, and going to the beach.


Library (she/her)

Library (she/her) is a first year CSSW student who has an interest in Advanced Clinical Practice Track. She holds identities of ethnicity Chinese and transgender female. It is her first time go abroad and study abroad, yet she has previous research experience in analyzing the nature and function of transgender female online community in China, which reflects her strong passion to work with her fellow people.


Samantha Goldberg (she/her/hers)

Samantha is a first year MSW candidate based in New York City. She moved here after graduating from Tulane University in May of 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is planning to pursue a clinical track, and her interests lie in understanding the effects of early childhood trauma on development. During her free time, she enjoys going on walks in Riverside Park and trying new restaurants and cafes in the city.


Stephanie Cheng (she/her)

Stephanie is a first-year MSW student on the Advanced Clinical Practice track specializing in children, youth, and families. She is interning at the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology at UC San Diego. Stephanie worked as a Behavior Interventionist for four years with children, youth, and adults with special needs, and worked as a Social Worker with adults with developmental disabilities to coordinate services in need. In her free time, she likes to explore New York City, travel to National Parks, and play the violin.


Taina Rexach 

I've been in social work for 7 years, currently a Vocational Specialist for an ACT team at The Bridge. I'm on the IPP track and graduating in May 2024.


Yesenia Mendoza (she/her/ella)

Yesenia Mendoza (she/her/Ella) is a first-year master’s student on the advanced clinical track. However, she is also deeply interested in policy research as she is passionate about examining populations, gathering data, and discovering patterns that’ll support the progress of the community. Outside of school, Yesenia can be found going to concerts and obsessing over bands.