Click here to apply for this position. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until September 21, 2020.

Associate editors are the backbone of the Columbia Social Work Review. They edit articles published in the Review journal, write and edit articles for The Amsterdam, and fulfill a variety of other specialized roles. Any current MSW candidate at Columbia School of Social Work is eligible to apply to be on the Review editorial board as an associate editor.

The 2020-2021 CSWR executive team includes editors-in-chief, executive editors, and associate editors.  Associate editors are expected to attend regularly scheduled board meetings, participate in an editor "boot camp”, and attend a selection meeting to choose articles to be published in the journal.

In the fall semester, all associate editors will work on The Amsterdam and receive training in academic editing. During the spring, most associate editors will work in pairs in collaboration with an executive editor and an article’s author(s) to revise an article for publication. On average for the whole year, editors can expect to spend 3-5 hours/week on the Review. 

Advantages of being a CSWR associate editor:
➢ You have the opportunity to build your academic curriculum vitae and publishing skills.
➢ You have a unique opportunity to network with both established and up-and-coming scholars in
the field of social work as well as make a wonderful group of friends.
➢ You have the opportunity to shape and build a prestigious peer-reviewed publication.
➢ You become eligible to apply to be an editor-in-chief or executive editor in the following year.
➢ You can choose to receive academic credit (1-3 points/semester) for being on the Review. In
certain methods, these credits can count toward your required elective points for graduation.
(Please note that the associate editor position is not paid.)

Required responsibilities and competencies:
➢ Active participation and attendance.
➢ Familiarity with Microsoft Word and Google Drive
➢ Experience with academic writing and/or editing
➢ Attention to detail
➢ Dedication to academic integrity
➢ Respect for social justice issues and anti-oppressive praxis
➢ Collaborative perspective

Please note: CSWR only accepts new editors during the fall. Additionally, as an associate editor, you cannot submit any writing for publication in that year’s publication of CSWR as it is a conflict of interest. However, as an associate editor, you still have the opportunity to be published on our secondary publication, The Amsterdam.