State Reproductive Coercion As Structural Violence

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Gianna DeJoy


Violence against women and other marginalized groups takes many forms among individuals and in society. The coexistence of interpersonal and structural violence is especially pronounced in the realm of reproductive autonomy. Reproductive coercion, a form of intimate partner violence,nds its structural-level twin in state policies on reproductive health carethat are coercive in impact. Communities that are already underservedby the health care system and disproportionately a ected by anti-choicereproductive health policies—including women of color, young women, low- income women, and undocumented women—are also the most at risk of reproductive coercion (Katz & Tirone, 2015).

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DeJoy, G. (2019). State Reproductive Coercion As Structural Violence. Columbia Social Work Review, 17(1), 36–53.